Futuristic Learning Program

FLP is an advanced learning program designed to transform your child’s educational journey. With FLP, your child effortlessly learns about futuristic technologies like Robotics, Coding, AI, and many more. This engaging program is created to be enjoyable and interactive, with each phase of the program acting as the stepping stone for their academic growth.

Features of FLP Curriculum
Personalized Advanced Learning

A teaching methodology that best suits your child will be adopted in all the learning programs. All the methodologies are designed using Personalized advanced learning approach which tailors education to the individual needs, abilities, interests, and pace of each student.

Why choose FLP?
Skills Acquired
Logical Ability
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving Ability
Digital Literacy
Confidence building
Program Highlights
% EMI Options Available
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Separate robotics kit for each phase
Study books and worksheets
Hands-on learning experience
Participate in national and international robotics competitions
Quiz and fun activities
2 classes per week
Live one-on-one classes
Extra doubt-clearing sessions
Personalised Adaptive Learning
Transforming The Way People Learn

I just wanted to share my super awesome experience from our robotics class! It has been like the best part of my life so far. I've learned so many cool things like working with wires, circuits, and made lots of interesting projects. We even learnt how to make games on our own in coding class. We also got to explore loads of new scientific words and their definitions, which is super cool! Amna ma'am and Gayathri ma'am are the best teachers ever!

Muhammad Farhan, Class 7th

Endeavour International School

I joined MEC Robotics and learned about various components such as buzzers, LEDs, batteries, slide switches, LDRs, etc. I love MEC Robotics!

Adhil K Aneesh

3rd grade

In Robotics class I was able to learn so many new things. It was a fun way to learn. Everyday I made a new project. The teachers are so nice and teach us very well. Thank you to all the teachers and MEC robotics.

Rihaan Class 6th

Craft World School

I learnt many new ideas from Robotics class. Studying is also interesting in this class because I get to understand various definitions by not just writing in my notebook but by using the interesting components and making robotic projects.

Fathima K.V. Class 7th

Crescent Public School

In today’s class I learnt about open wire and close wire and built an interesting game called wireframe game. I enjoyed a lot.

Michelle Class 8th

Carmel CMI Public School

Robotics classes were a nice experience. When me and my friends started this class we were not aware of anything related to robotics, and now we can easily make many projects and even do the connection forming circuit diagrams on our own.

Muhammed Zyan Class 8th

Abdulla Haji Ahmed Sait Memorial KMEA Al-Manar Higher Secondary School

This is very exciting class. Krishnendhu ma’am is a marvellous teacher. I like working on hardware more than software. Till date I have made so many hardware projects. A few weeks ago I was not interested in Robotics at all and now it’s my favourite subject of all time.

Muhammed Izaan Class 9th

Jama-ath Residential Public School

MEC Robotics team has introduced and executed a wonderful, content rich skill focussed program in our campus since July 2023. The course includes the theory and practical, well incorporated, suitable for respective age groups. Even primary school children are observed to develop special interest towards the subject and willingly ready to spend their time and brain working on the projects. Overall systematic and professional methods of trainers helped our institution to conduct the course problem free.


Canadian Central School

Students are able to understand the physics-related concept easily owing to Robotics class. As they have already done the hands-on implementation it is easier for them to understand theory in class.

Mrs Anjali

Physics Teacher, Craft World School

The robotics classes have proven to be engaging for students, and we appreciate the effective teaching methods employed. The commitment and one-on-one interaction provided by Ms. Krishnendu and Ms. Amna are particularly commendable.

Miss Divya

Robotics Incharge, Craft World School

It was a very good course to understand the basic need of robotics. This course also provided us with an opportunity to learn the basics about coding and circuits in an interactive way. So this course was very enlightening for our students.


Carmel CMI Public School, Vazhakulam

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our program is tailor-made for kids aged 8 and above, covering a range of skill levels from beginners to advanced learners.

Nope, no prior experience required! Our program is designed for both beginners and those with some background in robotics.

We offer three packages: Discovery, Explorer, and Pioneer. They build on each other, but your child can switch based on their progress and interests.

You'll get regular updates on your child's progress, and our team is always here to answer any questions you might have.

Nope, we've got it covered! Everything your child needs is in the program kit, making learning at home hassle-free.

We're not just teaching robotics; we're nurturing innovation, creativity, and critical thinking, preparing kids for a tech-driven future.